Dyspraxia Week 2022: Horse Riding & Dancing – Dyspraxia Foundation


Dyspraxia Week 2022 continues with an inspirational story from Martin Henson, diagnosed with dyspraxia age 40. At the age of 18 he started training as a professional dancer having never really danced before, only doing GCSE dance for a year age 17/18 while on a drama course and I still teach now age 51 … read his inspirational story below.

Also today, we are continuing our #GetActiveWithDyspraxia theme for October by launching a new information sheet for horse riding instructors.

We hear a lot of stories from those with Dyspraxia about how they have taken up, or have enjoyed horse riding and we hope that our new information sheet for instructors can be used by everyone who is, or wants to get involved with horse riding to ensure that those with dyspraxic can enjoy and get the most out of this wonderful sport.

Do you track your runs, walks, cycles etc. on Strava? Or do you want to get started and need a group to keep you active? Then why not join the Dyspraxia Foundation Strava group! Established back in 2019 to support our participants at the London 10K the group is open to all, so why not join us? Dyspraxia Foundation on Strava

Birmingham Adult Workshop – now over 50% sold – Don’t miss out, capacity is filling! Our adult workshop takes place on Saturday 5th November at Birmingham City’s ground, over 50% of tickets have now been sold so if you plan to come why not secure your place today! Members save 25% (£10) on bookings – check your e-mail if you are a member – and reserve your place before it’s too late! https://dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk/events/ 


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