Dyspraxia Week 2022: Online Fitness Session – Dyspraxia Foundation


Join us tonight from 6.45pm for a free session from Dyspraxic Fitness, all for free via our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/DyspraxiaFoundation

Dyspraxic Fitness is part of Help4U

“Come along to a free workout led by someone with a passion in helping other dyspraxics keep fit and to keep moving”

Mike Nelson has dyspraxia and runs a free workout session weekly for anyone who has dyspraxia. Feedback from participants to this free unique workout has shown it has boosted their mental and physical health. Since its inception nearly two years ago, people of all ages living with dyspraxia have enjoyed keeping fit and making new friends.


I’m in the process of completing my qualifications to become a fitness trainer and also doing additional work to ensure that I’m staying relevant to people with Dyspraxia.


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